How to List ERC20 Tokens on an Exchange?

5 min readDec 4, 2020

With the help of ERC20 tokens, any business can gain prominence in the emerging crypto sphere. This particular token standard allows them to embrace the power of decentralized distributed ledger in the best way. It also helps them to perpetuate their position in a niche that has many benefits to offer everyone. Besides this, you get to help various other people in finding the right instrument of investment which is cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is a must that you know how to enlist the token of your own business with an exchange.

How do I enlist an ERC20 token of my own company?

It is a very easy process, you have to first register with the platform and create an account. After doing that, you must talk to the reps of that particular exchange and tell them about your project. You will have to present your token perfectly so the representatives could understand all the nuances of it. Once they are familiar with it, you can lay out the whole plan for the launch of your coin. You have to keep in mind that the exchange only provides you a platform to make your token accessible to traders, it does not help you with the marketing.

Therefore, you must be working with a parallel team that takes care of all the activities related to promotions. Before talking to any platform, it is a must that you know what kind of services they are providing to their customers and partners. Being a partner, you have to make certain that your business reaches every single individual who might be interested in the concept you’re pitching. When you are planning the campaign, it is important that you keep everyone in the loop so there is absolutely nothing that goes out of sync.

For making your ICO a big success, it is a must that you associate with such a platform that provides you favorable terms along with expansive reach to digital asset users. When you have a better ecosystem for your token, the chances of progress are definitely greater. You have to show the benefits of your business to the users and this can be done only with a reliable trading platform. You have to ensure that you spend a great amount of time while searching for the exchanges and discuss the conditions very meticulously.

Acerthex: Your destination for launching an ERC20 token

Acerthex is a crypto exchange platform that provides cutting-edge services along with unmatched prospects of growth for every coin. With this website, it is possible for any new entrepreneur to take their project to the apex of its industry. That’s because this platform gives you an amazing environment that does not stop you from taking the advanced steps. It also gives you a perfect set of features that help you get better than the competitors. The ecosystem of this trading structure gives you the most prolific setting to go ahead. It turns your crypto-based venture into a huge success in no time.

When you are looking for something that gives you concrete performance, you need to get something appropriate. The framework of Acertherx allows you to reach every prospective token user across the globe. It does not only gives you a secure ledger, but it also makes the buying and selling experience memorable. Regardless of its short span in this domain, this platform is able to give you great value and various features. It brings the merits of ledger right among the traders while keeping things always positive with very effective measures.

If you are new to this space, this website will surely give you great support and will help you gain more knowledge. And in case you have been trading for a while now, it won’t take you very long to realize the efficiency of this platform. You might come from an industry where the usage of blockchain is minimal, but when you use this service, you get amazed by seeing its suitability for your business. It makes the success of your business very visible while giving results that bring your company to the forefront and perpetuates your firm.

Why should I use Acerthex for launching my own token?

There are many reasons for you to choose Acerthex for launching your token. First of all, it provides you a wide user-base that enhances the chances of success of your business. With a broad array of features, your token gets better prospects that make it a preferred tool for investment. This website also gives you a transparent system that makes transactions more timely and safer. It can process a large number of orders at the same time through a diverse set of measures. Through its mechanism, it is possible for you to gain more potential very easily.

While planning the launch, you get great help and acquire valuable insights that prove very helpful in the near future. Other than that, it gives you a perfect environment that rules out any sort of obstacle. It makes things easier for any company that wishes to use crypto to reach more investors around the world. While trying new solutions, you also get to make things easier for your target audiences, you can pitch them in the right manner. Your bid will be backed by a powerful structure that does not leave any loophole in securing the future of your startup.


If you have made up your mind to launch your ICO and looking for the right exchange for it, Acertherx can do exactly what you are looking for. This platform provides you with the best attributes that draw many crypto users towards it. With cutting-edge features and tools, it gives you a framework that is not just robust but is also inclusive. Our team has ensured that crypto trading remains easy, seamless, and profitable for everyone. We have achieved this with an all-embracing structure that helps you get more prospects for the future.